About me


My name is Cristiano, but you can call me Cris! I grew up till 30 years old without knowing exactly what to do in my life. Anyway, I had the time to get graduated, develope a few passions (wine for example) and the chance to spend 2 years in Africa. If you're curious about this experience, which I'm grateful to have made, we'll talk more when we meet.

In 2011 I started, by chance, the job as a Private Driver and I fell in love with it. Driving, welcoming and showing people around, let them discover and taste the wonders of my region, makes my day a beautiful one. Always happy to wake up in the morning for a new adventure...and for new friends at the end of the day. That's why, finally, I started my own business. I'm ready to give you some... Tuscany!

Life could be worse...

PS: I'm also a Sommelier, but no wine tasting for me while I drive!